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callaway erc fusion driver banned

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In simple terms - unless you are a top amateur playing in national competitions, you can use this driver in ALL club competitions until Jan 2008. I bought most of my nonconforming drivers from sellers on there, or thru boards like this one. The Callaway ERC Fusion + driver is non-coforming. The longest non conforming head is probably going to be the Wishon .90L driver. The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for … IF you can find one, the Adams 4250 is supposed to be nasty long. This is our top selling and performing driver. Callaway ERC Fusion +. Get the best deals on Callaway Erc Fusion Driver when you shop the largest online selection at It is expected to ship to retail accounts in December. I'm sure the information is somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. Although many diligent golfers have already changed their drivers which will be non-conforming, there is still a significant segment who have clubs in their bags which, at this time, remain legal. I remember they had those Nike plus(+) model drivers. I play the SooooLong 650. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver (Manhattan Beach) $45. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 9 deg. Ps3 eye driver for pc free download. They were noticebly longer. CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA 3-PW-SW Golf Clubs w CALLAWAY DRIVER WOODS PUTTER & CALLAWAY … When we first saw them we thought it was just another insert iron, but the unique construction of the head made for effortless hitting on a mid range trajectory. Callaway ERC Driver. This is made possible through the fusion technology. The 'ERC' in Callaway's ERC Forged Titanium driver are the initials of Callaways founder - Ely Reeves Callaway. Callaway Golf's New ERC Fusion Driver and HX Tour Golf Ball Continue Hot Start by Recording Two More Tour Wins CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 6, 2003--Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) unveiled its new ERC(R) Fusion(R) Driver and HX(R) Tour Golf Ball last week just days after Staff Professionals Annika … Could it be that they intend to use them in competition, ie, cheat? For more information about Callaway Golf Company, please visit our Web sites at www. Or is it to store them away for posterity? A driver that exhibits this property will have a very high COR, a limit on which has now been set at 0.830 COR. Mens Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 10.5 Degree Driver Recoil ES 1 inch shorter Stiff Flex Shaft. Meanwhile, the list of non-conforming drivers includes details of all drivers which have been in the marketplace and will in effect become obsolete on January 1st. The 8°, 9° and 10° drivers have internal weighting which is more evenly spread across the perimeter and works with a square face angle to help golfers produce a straight, repeatable ball flight. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The new rule affects the conformance status of some drivers which may still be in a golfer's bags if he or she hasn't changed drivers in the five years since the rule was first announced. Jollyjeweller This baby is magic! Callaway Big Bertha fusion driver 10.5 44.5 inchUS . XCG driver is hot with a big sweet spot. Callaway Big Bertha ERC II Drivers. The combination of Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology and forged titanium enabled Callaway Golf to make the clubface remarkably thin without sacrificing durability., /discussion/comment/1822452/#Comment_1822452, /discussion/comment/1835747/#Comment_1835747, /discussion/comment/1846774/#Comment_1846774, /discussion/comment/1846973/#Comment_1846973, /discussion/comment/1847288/#Comment_1847288, /discussion/comment/1847313/#Comment_1847313, /discussion/comment/1847339/#Comment_1847339, /discussion/comment/1847935/#Comment_1847935, /discussion/comment/1848687/#Comment_1848687, /discussion/comment/1849419/#Comment_1849419, /discussion/comment/1849426/#Comment_1849426, /discussion/comment/1849530/#Comment_1849530, /discussion/comment/1849611/#Comment_1849611, /discussion/comment/1850900/#Comment_1850900, /discussion/comment/1969324/#Comment_1969324, /discussion/comment/1969659/#Comment_1969659, /discussion/comment/1970381/#Comment_1970381, /discussion/comment/2016558/#Comment_2016558, /discussion/comment/2017768/#Comment_2017768, /discussion/comment/2017776/#Comment_2017776, /discussion/comment/2027152/#Comment_2027152, /discussion/comment/2027370/#Comment_2027370, /discussion/comment/2037897/#Comment_2037897, /discussion/comment/2037987/#Comment_2037987, /discussion/comment/2038692/#Comment_2038692, /discussion/comment/2060380/#Comment_2060380, /discussion/comment/2079508/#Comment_2079508. To this end, the R and A website has lists not only of non-conforming drivers, but also one - updated weekly - of conforming drivers, which can be accessed on and that firmly puts the ball into the court of the player to know what is and isn't legal. Or are they merely acquiring the club for what is called 'recreational play', seeking an edge over your buddy in a social match where the restrictions don't apply? I took the ERC to the range and I couldn't believe … I'm tempted to try some of them, but I really like the japan models. Any driver marketed prior to January 1st, 1999, is considered to be conforming and on the list unless specifically ruled otherwise. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Callaway ERC Driver 8.5 Degree. Someone could probably talk me out of it.. This fits your . If you require more information send us an email to [email protected] or call us on . i think you can still find a cleveland hi-bore non conforming on ebay. I would hit the occassional straight, solid drive maybe about 230 or so. Too bad these monsters were never released in the US. Used Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 9* Stock Graphite Shaft Graphite Firm Right Handed 45 in from 2nd Swing Golf with the highest value trade-in program & custom fitting. Also props to the Taylor XR line. The longest non-conforming driver I ever hit was a Srixon 404 from Japan. Many different models of the ERC. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. was that one illegal? 'There's no real trade-in value (now),' added Pollitt. It is the longest of the non-conforming drivers I've hit. Deciding between golf clubs can be a challenge due to the big bertha erc 2 driver range of designs out there. The fact is, for rule-abiding club players all around the world, and that includes this green isle of ours, the law will change in 105 days, by which time every man, woman and child who swings a driver in any club competition will have to use one that conforms to Royal and Ancient rules of golf that will ban certain drivers. Can anyone tell me if they know the drivers that were very illegal (read had more trampoline than others)? If you feel that any of the product is missing then please mention in the comments section or inform me through the contact page. a 50' shaft and a 600cc head. The entire list, which runs to over 170 pages if printed off, may be downloaded in PDF format (sorted alphabetically either by manufacturer or product name) or it may be searched by manufacturer, product name, and/or markings (ie, specific graphics on the sole, back, crown, etc). The Callaway Fusion's explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology, which combines titanium and carbon composite. Hi, I thought of buying an old 16° lofted ERC 3 Wood. now these are bombs! Callaway actually has the ability to move these weights around to increase draw or fade biases similar to Taylor Made’s Clalaway, but this technology is not yet available to the public. I don't anticipate any mad rush of people changing, as it has been a gradual process of change since the announcement was made,' said Gavin Irwin, of McGuirk's Golf. I can't remember the name of the darn thing though, but it had the non-conform sticker on it. The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for greater strength. Callaway's ERC II banned by USGA, selling well in U.S. and abroad By Staff Writer Hope Hamashige NEW YORK (CNNfn) - Technically, the latest golf club introduced by Callaway Golf is an outlaw. Condition is Used, there are some marks which includes a scratch on the crown, but this doesn’t detract from the use of the club as it is cosmetic only Callaway Golf says its new ERC II driver produces the longest and straightest drives of any club ever designed. Shop callaway-erc-fusion-driver Since then, manufacturers have only put conforming drivers on sale to the general public, although Nike were left somewhat red-faced earlier this year when some of their new and vaunted Sumo Square (version one) drivers were found to be slightly over regulations for what is known as 'characteristic time', which measures in microseconds how long the ball stays on the club during impact. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver. You can now find the latest Callaway ERC Golf Ball at GolfBox. I've been through about 7 drivers then I took the chance of purchasing the ERC Fusion used without trying it first. “Super Driver, i love using the Callaway ERC Fusion...” Written on: 16/05/2008. Obviously as the name implies it has a COR rating of .90 which is about the highest I have ever seen. Taylormade M6 Illegal Non Conforming Driver This driver will be shaved to increase it’s COR and outperform it’s stock performance levels. The ERC Fusion Driver conforms to the Rules of Golf as administered by the USGA and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. check out the tourstage nonconforming. Details about Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 10 Degree Right-handed See original listing. Write something about yourself. : Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 12 Graphite Ladies Right Handed 43.75 in : Sports & Outdoors The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for greater strength. Nevertheless, the GUI - which have banned non-conforming drivers in their championships since 2003 - is encouraging all club players to check their driver, and any driver they may buy in the future, in preparation for the new regulations. The term came into the popular lexicon as ultra-thin-faced drivers began to proliferate. A test, which measures the coefficient of restitution (COR) of clubs, was introduced to see how quickly the ball springs off the face of the club head at impact. The Callaway ERC Fusion Driver, is a great golf club which many professionals swear by as the best of Callaway's drivers. Great Addition to anyone's bag.... Callaway ERC fusion 8.5 Degree driver, Mint Condition. It is ridiculous. The driver of that series is illegal. The ERC is a conforming driver. The ERC II Driver has created a world wide stir with it's hot 'ultra-thin' Forged Titanium face (which has been deemed illegal for tournament play by the USGA. Sole has brush marks, light wear and a few l Mild marks; a few scr The ERC Fusion Driver already is one of the most popular drivers across the world’s major professional tours, where Callaway Golf has been testing the driver … Callaway Erc Fusion … Players are requested to be aware that there may be only subtle differences between the markings on two different models of driver - one of which could be conforming and one of which could become non-conforming in 2008. What is the best looking driver you have ever seen in your life? From Callaway Golf: 'A revolutionary breakthrough in golf club technology,' the ERCII features, 'a.

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