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How you communicate defines who you are.

Executive Media Training with Greenroom


At Greenroom Communications, we prepare you for every media opportunity facing you and your company. We believe that proactive planning with a specific message is the only way to go into a media interview.

Successfully dealing with the media is often no different from succeeding in any other part of your business; it requires planning, strategy, hard work, and allocation of resources.

Whether you are preparing for interviews with the Wall Street Journal, CNBC or Business Week, or the local media, we can make you shine. Our goal is simple: to make you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed in any interview situation and give you the ability to control your message. We are former journalists with more than 40 years of experience on the local and network level. We’ll put you through the paces so you’ll be confident when sitting in the hot seat.

Who we are

Greenroom’s media training team is led by Sharon Delaney McCloud and Melanie Sanders.   Together, they have a combined 40 years of experience as Emmy Award winning television journalists and can provide a real-world media perspective you simply will not find anywhere else in this region. They are organized, thorough, and driven to help improve your participants’ performance in media interviews, including broadcast, print and web. Most of all, they love what they do and would be thrilled to part of your team.

How we do it

Our primary training method is intense, one-on-one and small group, videotaped, simulated media interview sessions. This is the process where the new techniques are ingrained into each participant’s skill set. It is imperative that each participant receives as much videotaping and critique time as possible to effectively learn and exercise the techniques. We make the session what you want the session to be. Therefore, whatever your goals and focus are, we will meet them.

Media Training, Greenroom Communications

Overview of what we offer through Greenroom Communications’ Media Training Program

Media Training

Greenroom Communications begins each session with an informative orientation where clients learn how reporters operate, and how to best represent their own interests during the interview process. Instead of dry PowerPoint and generic workbooks, we accomplish this through interactive dialogue, entertaining video examples, mock interviews and the anecdotal presentations of the facilitators. Check out our FAQs for more info.

A significant part of media training involves body language and non-verbal communications. Typically, Sharon and Melanie are all business when it comes to the workshops they lead.  But a common public speaking “no no” recently garnered a huge reaction in our office.  So we thought we’d make light of it and share a solution at the same time.

See how to avoid the “vagesture.”

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