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hardest day of quitting smoking reddit

Posted on Dec 4, 2020 in Uncategorized

It’s not a walk in the park. 29 Things Only a Person Who’s Quitting Smoking Would Understand. Hi all well I am 8 days smoke free….I am using the Nicorette patch and sometimes I feel like I am cheating. Sheila, I am at day 5. I hope you are still smoke free Valerie. This quitting has been long overdue and I’m hoping for success. Feeling pretty good. No help. I don’t agree at all with this author. Day 1 my mom and I are trying this quitting thing together. Also I read blogs and videos on youtube about quitting, positive effects etc, I am 35 i smoked for 20 years 1.5 pack/day .. I do have an awesome support group at work though. Within two days of quitting, she experienced a panic attack. You do not have to quit alone, but you should definitely quit. If you are considering quitting smoking and want to know what it feels like, here is the uncensored truth! 2nd day I quite for 8 mins started again. Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did for my health My painful journey to quitting smoking to save my life. So I haven’t had my pop since Tuesday ( had to fast for a physical) so that’s another rough thing I’m struggling with. i read some of the replies here and there are a lot of situations which are true, like doing outside activities could help and less of mental activities as it stress you and gives you the craving. Chantex dose help with the mental part of cravings but omg I feel foggy as heck and I’m easy to get irritated ! I can feel the moodiness approaching like a freight train. I still have cravings but I am determined to beat this. were you tempted? Anyway, reading the blog is encouraging and also scary at the same time. I used a vaporizer to get past the rough patches, started on 12 mg and now carry 3mg with me. I just wish to be over with the cravings. Is the acid reflex normal to get when you quit smoking? Quit cold turkey. I was smoking half a pack a day to 2 -3 packs every weekend, as i quit smoking i havent been drinking either, habits take time to break, keep your brain preoccupied, rewiring it takes time but its possible in any age. Hello Quitters: How is everyone doing. I feel for you Keyla. Once you’ve done this, if you hate it, start smoking again, but I swear if you go two weeks without ANY, you’ll realise that that’s all it takes to be free of the chemical hold on your mind and body and knowing that you will be able to quit for good. I knew I would need more so got my son out of bed to go to a local garage at 10pm. I just keep thinking about the money I am saving. Day 3 & 4 was due to nicotine withdrawal; but I feel like day 14, 15 and 16 are mental battles caused by being out of wack with old habits. Seven years of more smoking and I’m on day three of quitting. on day 4. My head is banging, and I have the shakes! The body and the mind are used to getting nicotine regularly and relaxing in a habitual way. And most importantly find a substitute that works For You! There are no real negative side effects to quitting, only positive ones. Day 4 was fer sure the worst – spent hours looking for cigarettes in my stuff – car, laundry, etc. Dont replace cigs with food, replace with activity. 18 years….on day 2 …I want to smoke so bad but I’m trying hour by hour at this point…, Same here, smoking for 18 years but now I’m on my day 3…I can’t sleep at night but I’m not craving much of it…I just always have a lemon juice beside me…it helps thou. Good luck to everybody. In as little as 20 minutes after the last cigarette is smoked, the heart rate drops and … I’m afraid though if I can hold it when the weekend comes! I got the license and brought $40 of cannabis (aprox 3g) and any time i would like a cigarette i puff some cannabis. I am not giving up though – your courage in this battle gives me strength! I want to be smoke free for life. Tired all the time, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums. Day 8 and your comment is encouraging. You can start with those around you who want to see you quit and who care about your health. So far the fear of complications have out weighed my cravings. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Keep strong everyone. At the cottage I’m just going to have to tough it out. The cravings are pretty bad but I’m pushing through. Every now and then I’m like I NEED a chew!!!!! Whew. Mind is thinking about relapse ( not just cigs)when im not kept busy… craving sugar… edgy/angry at times…ill be fine God has got me this far. hold on pals, 3 weeks and this is over. So the first thing I want to say is Oh My God, I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 days! Getting some bad cravings? Same! Quitting is the best and smartest decision I’ve made in a long time. I hope this one will be the good and final one! You still have a tough road ahead of you if you are serious about quitting. Hopefully another month from now my mind will stop trying to play tricks on me. Pick up a new hobby: The last bullet was about exercise. Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did for my health My painful journey to quitting smoking to save my life. I smoked from age 17 to age 22 a pack a day, and then quit for ten years. Your reward now becomes the feel and taste of the smoke in your mouth, the smell of it in the air. I put a clean one on daily. Man what a battle but we gots this! Have to stick with it drs orders copd hang in there we can do this. Are your cravings gone yet? Trust, i do feel the cravings but i drink coffee and that helps a little. Check it out. Whatever the case is, you're on this subreddit so I assume you're thinking about or have already started the process of bettering your health and life. I’m smoking since I was 14 years old. I WON’T SMOKE, THOUGH. The weird thing with me is that the first two weeks are relatively easy, it gets harder with time.. the longer I go the more I miss it.. last time after 3 months I was dying to have a cigarette and I did but that was it and I managed to quit. hi all – Day 14 of quitting @ 40 years old. Not a long time smoker…but started pretty late at around 30 .. have smoked for just about 4-5 years but want to quit now to be able to have a safe pregnancy. I’m on day 4. and its Horrible. If you find yourself doing particularly poorly, make sure you get some support; talk to friends or join a quit smoking community to find the support you need to keep you going. Day 4 is almost over. It’s just been me, I can eat anything I want sleep as much as I want, but I just can’t smoke. Day four here. I am on day 85 of not smoking after 30 years. A cigarette was like a companion to me literally through every hour of the day!!!!! You may have had some trouble staying asleep during the first night after you smoked your final cigarette. Lordy, let it get better…. Anybody out there who quit the same day to be my comrade in leaving this stinking habit in the dust? I suffer from lower … I’m not gonna give in because day 2 was way worse then today is. Quitting smoking has hands down been the best decision of my life. I still smell cigarettes at stoplights and love the smell but don’t actually want one. Here's a before and after picture. I searched for the reason inside myself and I found that forgetting motivation is the main reason .. Now I am on the 9th day “cold turkey”and no one supports me even My wife.. everyone around me make fun of my attempts and say that I am only tired myself ..i know it is very hard but I did not despair and I will continue to try to become free .. Day one of not smoking after 16 years of almost a pack a day. Hi Cindy, I am now at day 30 Whoo hoo! Piece of cake this stop smoking thing smoked around 30 a day for the last 17 years been cold turkey for the last 4 days and had two bad cravings and that’s it, bin to the pub twice in them 4 days, just worried about getting fat now. I found I was less stressed after quitting. Day six for me. Smoke/nicotine free for 9 days now.. quit March 1st. I have dodged my friends entirely as they are all smokers. Big thread. I refuse to use a patch or vape. day 5 for me smoked 50 years. It feels like a physical craving, and in a way it is...but the source is a thought, not physical withdrawal from nicotine. I had 2 teeth pulled yesterday and have stitches in my mouth. I LOVED smoking and had been a smoker for 30 years. Thought it would be easier at this point. We decided to all quit together. I’m still struggling big time. The nicotine begins to let go. The subliminals work. We're experiencing the intensity of nicotine withdrawal , and often, some excitement as well. So after 4 years of smoking I’ve decided I must quit or I’ll be stuck in this loop for eternity, willingly putting harmful toxins into my body. Do not give up. Amazingly, I am not feeling that much of a problem apart from few random niggles. I challenge all of you to start labeling your quit as an "adventure". This is my 3rd attempt and will be my last… im stuck in thinking I can not be happy or have fun without cigarettes.. but there are soo many ppl out there that dont smoke and enjoy life.. im proud to say I will be one of them… Day 9 is almost complete!! Down to 1/2 pack then a week ago started with nicotine transfer patch. It will consist of my tips on the first year, and my personal found benefits of quitting smoking. I smoked cigarettes for nearly 30 years now….although I quit for 3 years and started up again…this was 8 years ago! Don’t give up guys! Im am on day 3 and it is the hardest so far ive been ready everyones comments and im sounds like it may get a little easier from now, i cant see it!! Before you decide to cut back on cigarettes instead of abandoning them entirely, you need to consider what your reasons are for wanting to reduce your habit. They don't really talk about quitting smoking but just a normal chat room about things. Pulling threw though, mind over matter. I’m waiting after 3 trips to the ER. I was up to smoking a pack and a half to two packs a day. I am on day 27 of being cigarette free. I will beat this habit. This time is cold turkey, I’ve tried everything to quit even hypnosis, this has worked the best for me so far. Keeping busy is the key. I've started to exercise as well, I can clearly see the difference in how long in able to run. Have no plans to smoke or drink anymore. Believe it or not – I never smoked – took up vaping back when it first rolled out, thought it was a novel idea. Really? After the third day, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms will kick into full gear, however. Pick up a hobby. Hi all just checking in on this quit journey. Find an app on mediation, and when you have these cravings at night, take a minute to meditate. My friends reccommended the patch and e-cigarettes, but knowing myself i knew I had to go Cold Turkey to quit so I did. I used to reward myself with a cigarette after doing the vacuuming or the dishes – I still want to now. From what I’ve read, most if not all of you don’t have any cigarettes at hand, as if you quit after the last cig or threw them away. losing my eye sight from glaucoma and macular degeneration. You can do this! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Quit cold turkey 6 days ago. I was hoping that after 22 days the worst part would be over. Twenty years of 1-1 1/2 packs a day and now almost 5 months without a cigarette. My car reaks of stale cigarette smoke. We can do this….don’t give up, You can hold on. I promise you, you will quit if you just stop taking nicotine. The first few days of quitting are often the most challenging. 42 hrs since last puff now but still not sure if i will be able to make it. Oh another fun thing is I’m sick have a bad cough before they pulled my severely infected tooth. Each time I felt a craving I took deep breaths and reminded myself why I have committed to quitting. So far, I find the smell of his smoke disgusting, but Chantix makes me a little nauseas. The first week is for sure difficult as nicotine is in your system the most, but if you can get through it, you may be able to conquer quitting. Fourth day smoke free and can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm very proud of you! I have minor pains in sides of my tummy just above the waist that too partially behind not front.what could be this ? I hope all is well. i am walking whenever i feel urge i go out for a brisk walk, drinking lots of water. lol Not so bad today. Due to also being on anti:deppresants, I’m not allowed to use champix, despite the already existing suicidal feelings. And I thought PMS moods were bad. Did pretty good quitting cold turkey … until day 14 and 15! This is awefull!! I too was admitted with pneumonia and was told I will have big problems if I do not quit. Another trigger. I cannot give in….. It doesn’t matter how hard. As of today, it has been 4 weeks….sure I miss them but living sounds a whole lot better. My landlords (I had a room in their home) were heavy smokers (as I) and told me they were giving up that day. Imagine eating dinner and then chatting with your friends for 30 minutes after you've ate. I want to die a guilt free death -freed of addictions, After 21 years smoking, I had tried everything Champix ( made me ill) patches, sprays, lozengers everything. 1st day was pretty easy but today, ive been thinking every way I can go and sneak one but I refuse to do it. Really want to quit this time so its more in the head than what we think. I have always quit because I HAD to for one reason or another, never because I truly wanted to. Day 7 after 14 years of smoking (28 y.o.). on my 7th day, not using patch or any other alternative. I have been smoking about 30 years. This is simply mental framework and many therapists use this. The hardest day/s was about 2 weeks in, this lasted for about 3/4 weeks. I’ve smoked for 20 years. This is tough I’m so nauseous and a little dizzy. or just for the sakes of trying? A week ago today I quit..I feel like I broke up with a boyfriend or said goodbye to a dear friend cause cigarettes has always been there when I needed them. Halfway there, I thought what am I doing? Hi all, It’s been 4 days now with no ciggs. And yes Carrie, stopping at the gas station and not getting cigarettes will be daunting. Thank you sublimebro!! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This is me late last year. After 1 hour. My mind keeps saying just one to verify you really want to quit and that when you smoke it, it will do nothing for you…. Nicotinestays in your system for up to 3 days. I don’t know how to do anything w.o smoking all of the time. I’m beginning to see a trend with the articles and that is I don’t believe that anyone of the authors knows from first-hand experience what it is like to quit. I keep reminding myself how I feel like crap after finishing a cigarette . Yes and no. That’s discouraging. I refuse to start smoking again. Next! Not easy, but it is straightforward?!! Any advice? I smoked for 8 years! r/stopsmoking: I'm not sure I could have quit without this subreddit. After looking around online I found a site called “tabex”, and havent had or even wanted a cig in over 2 weeks now. Nicotine stays in your system for up to 3 days. (New Year/Birthdays etc). So don't let this discourage you. Many people try to quit smoking many times before they can stop for good. Thank you and have a great one. I have a major surgery coming up and i have to be smoke free. If you didn’t smoke yesterday, then why can’t you do it again today? Update again soon…. Bought patches yesterday. Never had stitches in my mouth they hurt so bad (oh I went in originally because my face was swollen obviously serverly infected) they pulled 2 teeth. So, using nicotine patches still keeps you addicted to it. I started again this is my 2nd day craving bad but we can all do it Its worth it I swear. My body just seems to be rejecting the nicotine… Not complaining… Just curious to know why?? Is that a side effect? This is my third attempt this year and 2 attempts last year. You all are right it is very hard but with God’s guidance we can all do it! The behavioral addiction is often thought to be harder than any physical addiction to Nicotine itself – this is why stop smoking aids like gum, lozenges etc. I make love to my girlfriend and it was awesome. Took all I had to walk out and not buy a pack. 2) Relaxing after a great meal? I had tried probably twice a year for well over 15 years to quit. So if this is all you read then so be it. The cravings get much easier after a month. I've quit smoking I'm on day … Finishing my last few cigs and starting on them. It’s working. Your irritation at the author is probably part of the addiction/disease talking too! And my symptoms are bit different, I had problem with sleeping but now I fall asleep very soon, and my anxiety and anger has increased, feeling like I am lazy cannot concentrate on anything, I am very much irritated, empty and depressed hope everything will pass away soon // Main thing is my mind if trying to find many reasons so that I can start smoking again//. It’s starting to get a bit better so I think I may get out of the house today. So here I am at the age of 61 and quit 6 days ago. I have tried to quit numerous tunes before. I’ve smoked for 27 years and went cold turkey 10 days ago. I never went for the cigs and never smoked again after that. But I’m not going to stop trying. I think that could be my downfall. Starting to feel a little ratty now. Like I said before this has been the best decision I have ever made. That’s what I used! So swollen face and sick. 25 years old 1 year clean and sobre, but on day 7 without a smoke. Good luck everyone. If you are serious about changing your life and making an impact on your health and your future, then you need to quit, not just cut back. If you cut down you are just really increasing the cravings and withdrawals. Mental torture? On day 3, coming off a 30 year 20 a day habit. Will not give in but it’s very difficult……. My dad smoked almost his entire life so he knew what a pain it is to quit and why quitting was an awesome choice. Good luck each. I’m on day 3 and I’m 52…Smoking is not all its made out to be.

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