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a2 hosting review

Posted on Dec 4, 2020 in Uncategorized

We even have testimonials for each of these specific solutions published on our site to help you make an informed purchasing decision. I have been using A2 Hosting for over one year and can attest to this very positive review! It deserves all appreciation from one and all. These caching solutions include Turbo Cache, APC/OPCache and even Memcached. Our development team was doing some coding work on the server and all of the data on the site was lost. When I pointed this out, billing “waived restore fee” and sent a ticket to support. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. This time around, in my latest search for Web Hosting, I was a tough guy to please, but A2 Hosting has, so far, really impressed me. The worst I had with is Bluehost below average. Folks, the difference is like night and day. Note: A2 never told us the limit of "unlimited" storage until after we purchased the service and moved our domain. Thank you, A2 hosting team!”, “There was a problem accessing an add-on domain in my account. I couldn't be happier!”, “By phone or ticket, A2 support is fast, reliable, and simply the BEST!”, “I’ll be using this service a lot as I’m a beginner with Wordpress and really appreciate the quick and also advisory, kind and individual help like ‘when you reach this stage, you’ll see (the solution to my sticky problem). A2 Hosting's amazingly wide range of options for customization and cost control make them a premier provider of shared and VPS hosting. Billing has been silent ever since, despite owing me money. This is way better than the performance of my website hosted on bluehost , which has speed of more than 800 ms and up-time of around 99.93%. 12/7-12/8 At times, entering my URL sends people to an Australian company called Honeycomb. A2 Hosting servers are protected by “HackScan,” a 24/7-monitoring service that scans for malware and other attacks. Sometimes a support ticket just can't get the job done as fast as necessary and talking with a support tech is simply the best way to get a resolution within the time required. Great team!”, “Excellent, quick, and precise help that allowed me to have my site back up and running in no time. After this, the company continued to grow, and within the next 2 years later in 2003 its name was changed to A2 Hosting. This is on a page called “change password.”. I'm a new customer. I used to get downtime notifications at least once every week and that really upset me. I’ve worked with multiple hosting companies throughout the years like media temple, GoDaddy, hostgator, Bluehost and now A2hosting. Suprisingly okay. Another is that ‘additional’ services like domain registrations, setup, or migration fees are nonrefundable. At least this has been my experience.”, “I had my phpbb site migrated into A2 Hosting due to some compatibility problems with another host, and everything went very well. Over 40 emails back and forth in five days, I’ve been shuffled around to six people (Beverly, David, Ross, Jeff, Nicole, Josh). Thankfully they pointed the domain back to Hostmonster so we can continue using our website and emails. Read full review, “A2 just provided me with excellent support, as usual, and went the extra mile by providing many helpful knowledgebase links. All I really had to do was point the nameservers to A2, and I was ready to rock and roll again. Always a 5* to them.”, “I only have a small account but the support people are always onto any issue very quickly. The newer guys tend to send me link or write up a ticket rather than solve the problem while i'm on the phone with them. I was willing to pay for my mistake too. They also have a vast knowledge base if you prefer to find an answer yourself or learn something new. They are always on top of every issue I have ever had. Website is always up and support has been great. The support person was very courteous. Superb Service By A2hosting Thanks a lot”, “Ivy helped a lot! Right now - in a last ditch attempt to get support, I am on hold (30 minutes in) - no sign of life at the other end. The support team is always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The next email I got was from a new person and the old ones never responded again. That why we find your feedback so valuable and take it extremely seriously. I didn’t have a clue on how to do this myself. For me, it’s stress-free hosting.”, “A2 is the best hosting company for so many reasons. Thank you..”, “Good service and support so far. I was having issues with the title of my website in relation to how it was being displayed on Google's search engine. Yet, every single question was answered and my “hand was held” every step of the way. Their entire Support team provides fast, helpful and friendly guidance. Full control of the environment and excellent value. If that wasn't enough for a 5 Star review they fixed an issue that was NOT even their problem!!! Only communication is telling customers that they are bringing servers (I never heard of) back on line. Very fast response. I’m now on a Pinnacle+ Core VPS plan. Until I had difficulties transferring one of my Domain from a hosting company to A2 Hosting , A2 Hosting Team had my back with all the foolish errors I made ,finally I give-up and A2 Hosting team take over and...” They are providing all the details with helpful links. Thanks for your very prompt attention and for going what I’m sure was beyond the call of duty to resolve this problem for me. Thank you A2! Message was never returned. Thank you to my migration team!”, “Great support. At A2 Hosting, you'll also get access to our A2 Optimized software configurations. We host exactly the same Shop on Dathorn, it has just 10 times more articles and visitors - and it runs rock solid. Their speed is worth notable and a first choice/criteria to join them. I was a bit worried before when I was switching from Fastcomet, but i feel much more comfortable after the migrated the site in less than 5 hours and almost a seamless handover between Fastcomet and a2hosting. Thanks, Dave”, “I am new to A2 Hosting, and new to using VPS for my websites. Especially, when you want to find the best web hosting in Asia. Suddenly, in February of this year, the server I was assigned to at IMH became unstable. service.”, “You folks are very responsive and I appreciate that. I would recommend”, “Your support is awesome. If nearly everyone everywhere tells you that A2 Hosting support sucks and you should stay away from them, that’s because it’s true. They have without fail given me fast and accurate replies, even when the problem is with another company (e.g. Six hours later i hadn’t heard from them yet. A2 Hosting Reviews Stephen P.'s Review of A2 Hosting. Twittera Facebooka Pinterest Linkedin. However through consistent and timely communication, the A2 hosting resolution team found answers and implemented solutions for my site. There is so much potential with A2’s Services that it’s mind boggling. Choose A2 Hosting and select one of these solutions to power your site and the software will be auto-installed on your account fully optimized. I have no idea ? In fact, we were one of the very first hosts to offer PHP 5. A2 Hosting also has performance-enhancing plugins to make these CMSs faster, starting from the “Turbo Boost” plan. Compare A2 Hosting vs BlueHost. This is the worst hosting decision we made and resulted in cancelled our websites and returning back to inmotionhosting where we have over 20 sites. Basically, A2 Hosting’s uptime will never leave your site behind the curve – it’s just average.. A2 Hosting claims 99.90% uptime, which translates to just under nine hours of downtime per year. The migration of data and email accounts from the previous host to A2 Hosting was so easy. Second time, on hold again 1 hour then forced to leave a message and disconnected. I...” Excellent communication and service. A2 Hosting replied to my plea for help within minutes and provided the help we needed to resolve the problem. Thanks guys.”, “As usual, A2 knocked it out of the park! A2Hosting Review. Have any questions before signing up? A2 Hosting offers an Money-Back Guarantee. So our experience was actually negative stars. While these solutions are designed for experienced users who are comfortable with command line, you can add a cPanel license to these accounts for the same user-friendly experience as our Managed Hosting options. You, however, hung in there with me until the process was complete. - Support Specialist”, “A2 Hosting provides first class services!! They offer a killer product. I would recommend A2hosting to anyone. We strive to be a socially responsible host and that starts with being a Green Host, or what we call FutureServe. Thanks.”, “The A2 migration team was stellar! and guess what, the website is down, thanks to this shitty hosting company. When i contacted my original hosting company they gave very little support and always tried to up sell something. You see a recurring theme when you go to – speed. A2 Hosting's 205 reviews are from real customers, of which 127 think favourably of them and 78 are writing negatively about them, resulting in an overall rating of 62.0 %. Not ready to choose A2 Hosting yet? 11 Things to Look for in a Reseller Hosting Package. Very reliable and fast web hosting. They were great for the first year and a half or so, but in the past few months, the only thing fast about A2 is their service going downhill. Give us a break. Am using a number of other hosting solutions. Then they want me to pay double what I paid for the first year for the second year. From sales to support, A2's knowledgeable staff communicates with the greatest professionalism and clarity. The performance is awesome, actually the best I have had. Problem resolved quickly and easily”, “A2 service has been excellent. Support and price are great!”, “We have used A2 for a few years now and the issues we’ve had have been sorted by the support team exceptionally well and quickly.”, “Best support! After doing a bit of research I found A2 hosting. My customers will be very pleased. They are a great resource.”, “I always know I can depend on A2 for 5 star support”, “I've been using A2 services for about three years and just accepted a renewal for three more. Some how they got their whole system infected with malware. You bet. The customer support at A2 is stellar!”, “Nice customer caring. Apart from one problem with a SQL server crash, I have had complete up-time for the last 5 years. The result is a high performance site running on an easy to manage platform.”, “I am using A2 Hosting since last many year with different websites, thanks for providing good service.”, “I had tried around five hosting providers before switching to A2. Thank You: Sergey S. - Support Specialist (especially Sergey S.) Olesia V. -Support Specialist Luqman H. - Support Specialist Swapnil B. Just my opinion - check it out for yourself. The main reason I used this hosting company was because of recommendations from people around me, cheap domains, and real-time customer service chat, and, under the contract, if I asked for a cancellation or rebate, I didn't get a 100% refund or service. TL;DR: Because i’m kind of smart, i tend to think everyone else is stupid, but in this case i was the fool. This was not something I would have ever been able to identify myself. As far as i know, these are the fastest hosting that i know with minimum down time. Further information about cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy. You are my first support contact and I am very impressed with A2 Hosting so far.”, “Quick effective solutions to problems. (Why nothing to support to get my site back up?). A2Hosting has good support, it is fast in reply but not fast in solving problems. They won't be able to find your content information. As we all know, only a few good ASEAN web hosting services are available there. When I launched my first blog back in 2015, I didn’t know any other web hosting provider except Bluehost. You will quite likely use a MySQL (MariaDB) database. They need a different approach. Thanks A2 Hosting, you’re the best! In the last 6 months the services were down for more than a month continuously in April - May 2019, since then there is not a day without any issue. A2 is great but even if they offer unlimited features, SSD servers, ect, I can say that the greatest feature they have is customer support. They've been consistently reliable.”, “A2 Hosting migrated my account to a larger server and did an excellent job. Thank you so so much. Always great working with A2 Hosting support.”, “Logan G. on at least three occasions has recently handled several uncommon problems regarding A2Hosting hosted site-workings with speedy professionalism, non-resentment, and aplomb. We use a third-party system called Review Inc to collect the reviews. 4.1 out of 5.00. A2 is severely lacking in everything this web review claims. I am done with this company and I do not recommend it if you have a high volume website. I’ve used and I can say that A2 hosting is really a wonderful hosting for bloggers and small business sites. I only work with hosting companies that give me on the phone real support with technical people who actually know how to solve the problems....and don't just send me a link or write the ticket. The BEST!”, “The support staff at A2 are amongst the best on the planet they really are willing to go the extra mile it took us a few days but they got there in the end Thanks again for all your help guys”, “Super fast migration of my website to A2 by the guys in the migration team. Well, we decided to dig deep and analyzed this hosting service to see if all that’s being said is true, and here is our detailed A2 Hosting review. I recommend all my clients and business associates to use A2.”, “After two years of hosting sites on A2 Hosting the service has proven to be more reliable that other hosting companies i have used. I have been incredibly impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service staff. Our solutions are completely scalable and in most cases, upgrading is completely seamless and worry-free. He doesn't add any subtext of insult or displeasure. The cheapest option with the same price of $2.99/month only gets you a single page — not nearly enough to create an actual website. Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission. But they were extremely helpful in correcting these problems. The hosting plans are developer-friendly, and their “anytime” money-back guarantee is a unique feature. * A2 Hosting has an unlimited and unmetered policy, if you use too many resources, you’ll be asked to upgrade or to use fewer resources. The was only one time when all databases went down for about 5 minutes and I opened a ticket regarding this issue and by the time they took a look at it the issue was already resolved. Our worry-free, hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee just gives you one less thing that you'll have to worry about. I looked at more than two dozen alternatives, but only A2 had it all. Once you're hosted on our platform, you're going to be the next customer to post a positive A2 Hosting review about your experience with our service. In that case, A2 Hosting comes with developer-friendly tools. !”, “Quick to respond, anxious to help. Are you concerned about how your site will be able to handle traffic surges? However, A2 Hosting has gone further than that and provides an “anytime” money-back guarantee. I'm a newbie on A2, so this is all good news.”, “A2 billing team is very prompt in answering issues and RECTIFY them , really impressive . Very satisfied. No downtime since many years. Great communication and my site is so much faster than with my previous host, especially on my phone! I wish i had switched years ago. I love A2Hosting ! I’m far from a web developer or webmaster. HOWEVER -- and this is no reflection on Jessica or the A2 support staff -- but there seems to be a persistent system wide problem that...” These attacks attempt to flood your servers with traffic and knock your site offline. When I did finally find the default root password, I couldn't get it to work....” Plus, if you’re paying for the most expensive shared plan to host unlimited websites (“Turbo Max”), they still only give you one free site migration. My site was experiencing some issues until i was told that it was an overloading error. Nor even a huge portal with thousands of accesses per day. I was considering moving to cloudways, but feel your service helps justify your pricing. You're also in luck as we also have a well-stocked Knowledgebase filled with comprehensive answers to our most commonly asked questions. I have not encountered any problem in almost 2 months. Exemplary, I must say. If your websites have any other control panel than cPanel, they might take a small fee for the extra work. Thankyou A2”, “Quick response and help to resolve our issue. All of my interactions with A2 Hosting have been positive over the two and a half years that I've been a customer. I have been with Hostinger for a few months and enjoy the fact that it has a simple design, and that it has accessible customer service. Just few users a day. Glad I chose A2 Hosting!”, “Perfect and prompt support from A2 team.”, “Bravo! We've said it once and we'll say it again; you're going to love our service. Ruby Tu November 25, 2020 “Ivy helped a lot! A2 has always provided excellent, clear support. Will definitely stick with A2 Hosting. The support team are very professional and always very quick with responses and support in getting any issues or questions promptly attended to.”, “A2 hosting is awesome I switched from godaddy and A2 is much better”, “Very responsive to any question I've asked - and I'm sure I've asked some painfully basic questions that must have caused eyes to roll. We only accept user-reviews that give value to our visitors. It could be that they are too busy working on the issue to respond to the support ticket until after it’s fixed. A2's response? Choose A2 Hosting, where your site will be hosted on our fine-tuned and high-performance SwiftServer platform. Unfortunately I cannot give my credentials at this time but the way you can verify is to test competition - get a server, put your app(s) on it and see the performance differences. Despite giving them multiple chances to rectify their issues, they continuously failed me after which I cancelled my subscription with them. They are always ready to help, even if you don't understand all around hosting. permalink. Faster sites have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. Your site will be hosted on a server backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment. Please give them all a raise... thanks!”, “Fast, helpful, offered to go above and beyond and download a WP plugin for DB exports but I figured it out on my own. This is all after we moved our domain which takes 60 days before it can be moved again. Thank you for your patience!!!!! Fantastic for photographers and small business owners! However, if you need a fast web hosting service at relatively cheap upfront pricing ($2.99/month) with the ability to scale with your website growth. There are a lot of A2 Hosting reviews online – usually with user-generated reviews based on anecdotes and personal experience. I quickly started to dig for web hosting reviews and found (yippie!). But, there are multiple restrictions to that lowest costing plan. A bit more research, and I discovered InMotionHosting (my current reseller hosting provider). We are facing issues related to emails, we are not able to receive emails on our website. They had some trouble a few years ago when their uptime struggled to reach the industry-standard of 99.94%. They have been down for six days. Thank you Scott.”, “My company have been using for years as a Hosting platform. Are you considering signing up with A2 Hosting but want more info before you decide? I appreciated the apology but by that time, it was much too late. Opened a support ticket two days ago and have gotten no answer!

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