CASE STUDY: Lovely Candy Company

Lovely Candy Company – National Brand

The Challenge:

In the US, candy is a $32.8 Billion dollar industry.  However, the prevalence of confections made with unnatural products, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes and chemicals blanket the marketplace.  The Lovely Candy Company offers the conscious consumer a delicious, consciously crafted premium candy made with real fruit & ingredients and nothing artificial. How can Lovely Candy cut through all the “sweet” noise leading up to Halloween?

Lovely Candy Web Pic

The Solution:

Greenroom Communications worked with The Lovely Candy Company to create a funny, shareable video for Halloween that educates consumers about what ingredients are in most conventional candy compared to the healthier options The Lovely Candy Company offers.

The Results:

The video “Kids Get Tricked – Not A Treat” showed kids’ real reactions to what is in their candy released just in time to be top of mind for Halloween.  The video sparked conversation on Facebook and Twitter about candy ingredients, and was also featured on several parent blogs.