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We’ve worked with Fortune 500 company leaders facing national media, prepared executives for the White House Press Corp, scientists appearing in trade journals, and small-town news makers about to be featured in their local papers. There simply isn’t any kind of reporter or media we can’t prepare you to face.

Greenroom Communications offers “The Sequel.” It’s designed as a follow-up session(s) to refresh and practice your presentation or interviewing skills without having to go through the workshop again. This is for clients who have already completed a half-day or full-day seminar with us.

We record presentation training sessions because you learn best by seeing yourself in action. There’s no better teacher than reality.

Yes, we can customize a program that will fit your needs. We often work with clients in creating agendas that meet both individual and team goals.

We can help guide you, depending on your goals. We find that our workshops at the television studio provide the most authentic experience. Again, there is no better teacher than reality.

Absolutely. Perception is reality. If you appear polished and professional, you’re more likely to be perceived that way by your audience or potential client. Our image awareness lecture focuses on wardrobe for all presentation and interview situations as well as make-up for television. And yes, men do wear make-up!

We customize our programs to the size of the group you need trained. In order to make the session as effective and efficient as possible, we segment the workshop into half-day, full-day or multi-day seminars.