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sable hunting prices

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INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: A jet black mature Sable … Please be advised: our African hunting safari prices … The hunting concession is about two hours from Johannesburg and is located near the town of Rustenburg. The options are all listed on the various hunt destinations we offer. Only use premium grade ammunition like Barnes, Nosler Partition, Federal Premium and others. Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest World Record Class Sable. BEST SEASON TO HUNT SABLE. Sable antelope scientific name: Hippotragus niger. Due to the relative high velocity of these two calibers, they are not considered to be bushveld hunting calibers. To book your hunt, please call us at (830) 367-7611. Note, if you are hunting northern Mozambique, the sable is likely to … Click Here For A Currency Converter. Be sure. Sable Hunting In Zimbabwe African sable hunting is considered to be one of the most popular hunting trophies in Southern Africa. Browse a selection of sable hunting trips in Zimbabwe. This is South Africa’s third largest antelope and will make a fine contribution to your collection. And a further discounted price for 2021! Have a look at using the following ammunition: Follow this link for a comprehensive list of caliber recommendations. The cost of hunting sable in Africa for 2016, 2017 and the 2018 sable hunting season was $ 6 500. A good 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope is sufficient for hunting sable in Africa. Sable hunting … All sables have a very erect mane on the back of the neck and have white facial markings. The Sable that we offer to hunt from our herd on Squaw Mountain Ranch have horns that range from 32-41 inches. Remember when planning your trophy room, sable antelope horns almost always touch the wall behind. Hunting sable in Africa is for the hunter who needs something else other than the standard impala and warthog. To walk-and-stalk when hunting sable is the traditional way of going about it. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains … Sable Hunting Areas in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The total cost is a function of four components. Keeping safety in mind, you may hunt our Sable bulls using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind. We cater to each client individually during their Sable Hunt … Sable antelope are mainly active during the cooler morning- and late afternoon hours, but will venture to a water source during the midday period. A hard-bossed buffalo with 37"-39" and a sable … The stomach content of sable antelope can delay the trajectory of the projectile to such an extent that it does not reach the vital organs. You can use any weight projectiles depending on which weight consistently performs best in your specific rifle. The cost of hunting sable in Africa for 2016, 2017 and the 2018 sable hunting season was $ 6 500. Hunting sable in Africa is hunting for one of the most beautiful antelope species in Africa. The proudest of all antelope species on the African continent. Our discounted sable hunting prices 2019 and 2020 have been reduced to      $ 4 500. We consider the following as the best calibers for hunting sable in Africa: 308 using a minimum bullet weight of 150 gr, 30-06 using a minimum bullet weight of 150 gr. Why try and fix something that is not broke? $ 600 per day. Wing Shooting. If you're looking for an easily accessible destination which still offers true fair chase hunting for Sable and other classic plains game; this would be my first recommendation. Put the shot in the center of the chest of the sable where the throat joins the body. From June to August the bush starts to recede rather quickly. Hunting remains a vital way of life for many residents and non-residents in Washington and contributes to statewide conservation efforts. Once a calf is born the mother will hide it in vegetation for the first two weeks of its life before introducing it to the herd. Sable Trophy Fee (over 40"): $7,500 Trophy Fees are in addition to daily fees which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. South Africa Cape Buffalo/Sable Hunting Package 8 Days (7 Nights) Accommodation 1 Cape Buffalo Bull & 1 Trophy Sable $19,770 Per Hunter (1×1) $1,555 Per Non-Hunter… My … The MAJESTIC SABLE ANTELOPE is arguably one of the most beautiful animals in Africa and we are proud to offer these quality sable hunts to our bowhunters on 40 000 acres! Be safe. Traditionally the bush is rather dense during our summer months from November to April. Secondly, a good sable antelope lung shot will be behind the shoulder, approximately two thirds of the way up from the bottom of the chest to the top of the back. Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris offers a high-quality hunt … Should you have a specific horn length in mind, be sure to communicate this well in advance, as it will impact the price of your package. 1. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Sable in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. The horns on sable cows are shorter than those of the bulls and have less mass. $ 350 per day. Typical days hunting involves driving around the concession looking for spoor or fresh signs of the animals you want to hunt. We cater to the hunters needs to harvest a Trophy Sable that the hunter will proud to hang in their trophy room. Two of the most striking big game trophies available in Africa. To hunt sable in Africa is not unlike hunting roan antelope. If you really need it to look forward, consider a pedestal mount. Best time of year for hunting sable in Africa, South African plains game hunting packages, Best caliber for hunting big game in Africa, Bow hunting African dangerous game packages, List of animals you can bow hunt in South Africa. Below are some of the trophies taken from our Sable hunts over the years. Sable cows become sexually mature at the age of three. 1x1 Hunting Only. Our 2021 sable hunting prices South Africa have been reduced to $ 4 000. Sable antelope are gregarious animals meaning they prefer to congregate in herds, rather than as individual animals. Our South African hunting safari prices 2020 became available during November 2019. 6 Full 1 x 1 Hunting Days 2 Travel Days Trophy Fees Included for: 1 – Trophy Sable Bull up to 40” Larger sable are available at $300 / inch. Sable bulls with a dark black coat indicates they are mature. You can hunt Zimbabwe safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. Sable. I have a super cute AKC registered SABLE … If you prefer bow hunting sable please follow this link. Trophy fees payable in cash at the end of the hunt OR trophy fees payable up-front before the start of the hunt via bank transfer. The best caliber to for hunting sable in Africa is the one you know best. Sable bulls have thicker and longer horns than sable cows. The best time of year to hunt sable in South Africa is: We can and do hunt sable from January to December. Our preferred ammunition manufacturer is Barnes. The Sable is one of Africa's most iconic species. Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day … Possibly the finest Sable hunting destinations in South Africa, under fair chase conditions. However, if you do have another caliber, please use it. Therefore, you need to look at a facing to the left or right shoulder mount. A wounded Sable is extremely dangerous and will often charge a hunter! Sable cows also have horns and a careless mistake can lead to the incorrect animal being hunted. ... During this tailormade made hunt you can hunt plains game species of your choice from the price list. Hunt the Cape buffalo - a member of the Big Five - and the dazzling sable antelope in South Africa's bushveld region. 7 Day Sable Hunting Package in South Africa. The single most important issue is the scope must be able to withstand the recoil once you squeeze the trigger. Includes Daily Rates and Trophy Fee for one Sable. 375 H&H soft nose ammunition is fine. However, some other costs need to be included. They are superior majestic looking animals. Federal 150 gr Nosler Partition ammunition at a muzzle velocity of 2 840 feet per second (fps), Remington 165 gr AccuTip Boat Tail ammunition at a muzzle velocity of 2 700 fps, Norma 180 gr Nosler Partition at a muzzle velocity of 2 612 fps. Direct offers from outfitters with a Best Price Guarantee. Due to our well managed wildlife conservation in South Africa we now have the best gene pool of Sable … Wooded savanna type habitat with sufficient vegetation for concealment is preferred. Purchase the optics you can afford. Barnes TTSX 150 gr at a muzzle velocity of 2 750 feet per second (fps), Federal 165 gr Nosler Partition at a muzzle velocity of 2 830 fps, Norma 180 gr Oryx at a muzzle velocity of 2 700 fps. These animals are usually added to your collection towards the end of your average African hunts. The ears are rusty brown on the back parts. Stay in a … And a … Use a medium bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using. Sable is expensive to hunt but adds the extra spice to an already fantastic hunting collection. We also offer hunts in the Texas Hill Country at our Texas Hunt Lodge, Africa Hunt Lodge Speer 300 gr at 2 550 fps muzzle velocity, Federal 300 gr Sledgehammer at 2 530 fps muzzle velocity and, Barnes TSX 300 gr at 2 490 fps muzzle velocity, sable rut roughly during the second week of April till about the second week in May (give or take a few days), secondly, from late June to end October when the bush has receded most making visibility easier.

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